Policies & Regulations

There will be daily admission charged at the door and programs for sale. CASH ONLY

Weekend passes only available for events running 3 or more days.

All dancers and instructors free

Parking: Free at most venues most days.

Food & Drinks: There will be no food or drink allowed in the rehearsal area, backstage or in the auditorium. Please clean up after yourselves

Cameras & Video Equipment: Flash and video cameras are strictly prohibited. Please let your parents know that your studio can be disqualified in the event of using any recording devices. This is to protect the children and to adhere to the privacy act. (FOIP) It’s the law. Official entries, however, do allow CDP and partners to use photography for publicity purposes. There may be a professional photographer onsite.

Conduct: Good sportsmanship is important. Booing and negative comments will result in disqualification. Cheering must not become distracting to adjudicator or performers. Doors will be closed during performances. Between performances, please move quickly to your seats. It is not proper conduct to be entering or leaving the theatre DURING any performance.

Lost Articles: Catch Dance Productions is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please, be sure all shoes, clothes and costume pieces are labeled with the students’ and studio’s name. Lost articles will be left in the lost & found at the venue you participated in.

Complaints: Will not be addressed during any event. Must be brought to the attention to the director through your studio in writing. No personal emails will be addressed.

Music & Check-In: Teachers must check in their routines 1/2 hour prior to their performance. Cancellations should also be done at this time. Please let the MC know of any missing dancers. Music will be played by the teacher or technician backstage. Music must be on an MP3 player/iPod/laptop. PLEASE back up on a second device. The festival reserves the right to run up to 30 minutes early, so be sure to prepare all routines early. Be sure parents are aware of this as the festivals will not wait for late dancers. Parents will not be allowed back stage without prior consent. Always refer to your most recent event update emails for the most current information prior to attending.

Re-Dances: Allowed only at the discretion of the adjudicator. Re-dances will not be eligible for top awards or scholarships but will still be adjudicated and eligible for plaques and medals.

Rehearsal Space: A rehearsal area will be provided. Please share by not blasting your music. No tap shoes anywhere except the stage. Parents are not allowed in the rehearsal area unless they have been appointed by their teacher to help supervise young dancers. This will allow more room for the dancers.

Final Decisions: The decisions of the adjudicator are final. No one is to approach the adjudicator for any reason.

Change Areas: Please have someone in your studio check your designated change area. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be tidied up at the end of each session. This way, it is more likely all dancers will go home with all their belongings. Thanks

Adjudications: After performing, All Dancers shall wait backstage or in an allotted area until called for adjudication. Dancers shall not be sitting in the auditorium during any category they are participating in. Dancers must be ready to return to stage for on-stage adjudication.

Communication: Parents are to direct all communication through their studio and not contact the festival directly.

Festival Schedules: Scheduling will not be released or posted publicly or online. Schedules will only be sent to participating studios at the latest 6 weeks in advance of your event. Participating Studios will be responsible for distributing the schedule to their students.

Refunds: No Refunds. A Force Majeure clause is included in the private client (studio) contract. (Injuries reported with a Doctor’s Note will be considered on an individual basis) Please login to review full policies for Covid-19 related refund policies in our Time Limits and Fees Tab

Credit will only be issued to the studio who entered, not individuals.  Any credit issued will expire in one year.

COVID-19 Protocol:  All studios will be responsible for keeping up with Alberta Health Services (AHS) Recommendations.  It will be the studio’s responsibility for updating routines as needed to comply with the most recent AHS recommendations. We will be working with the theatres and AHS to ensure we create the safest environment for our dancers, parents and studio staff.